The Anamorphic adapter allows the conversion of spherical prime and zoom lenses into anamorphic format. This adapter is the first of its kind in the industry. The adapter allow the conversion without any compromise to image quality, yet in turn allow the forming of beautiful oval bokeh that is unique to anamorphic lenses and elegant flares without image color aberration.

Letus Anamorphic-Pro X1.8 Adapter

– 1.8x squeeze, which will work with all current crop of 4:3 cameras, bringing it to a standard 2.39:1
-Works with current prime and zoom lenses
-0.8 mod pitch gear for critical focus
-Mounting solution for 114mm outside diameter lens like Zeiss CP* and adapting ring for smaller lens like 77mm, 82mm, etc.
-1/4-20 thread hole for lens support
-Built-in removable matte box.