Cooke Speed Panchro Rehoused. The fantastic classic Cooke look, these 1950’s lenses are surprisingly sharp with pleasing flare and low contrast.

The lightweight and robust re-housing by True Lens brings these classic Cooke Speed Panchro lenses up to modern day specification. The internal and external mechanics of the TLS re-housings share many similarities to the well-known Cooke S4’s.

The Cooke Speed Panchro’s are notorious for producing beautiful images and produce a warm romantic feel. Made from stainless steel, brass and aircraft grade aluminum, the whole lens is now brought up to modern day specification. You can now capture that “Cooke Look”, and be confident that their modern housing allows them to stand up to the rigors of modern day production.

Cooke Speed Panchros – TLS Rehoused

18mm / T2.2 / cf 8″ / Front Diameter 110mm
25mm / T2.2 / cf 8″ / Front Diameter 110mm
32mm / T2.3 / cf 9″ / Front Diameter 110mm
40mm / T2.3 / cf 13″ / Front Diameter 110mm
50mm / T2.3 / cf 15″ / Front Diameter 110mm
75mm / T2.3 / cf 2’4″ / Front Diameter 110mm
100mm / T2.8 / cf 2′ / Front Diameter 110mm
152mm / T3.2 / cf 4′ 9″ / Front Diameter 110mm